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A new free-to-play MMORPG/Social Platform coming to Steam and Android

Play Together

We are creating an upcoming MMORPG/Social Platform hybrid made by a collaboration of musicians, artists, coders and MMORPG veterans. Here you can come together, make new friends, customize your character with cosmetics and accessories, play games built by the community, build your own spaces, create your own music and MORE! But this is just the social aspect to our game.


You will be able to acquire your own space to completely customize, from the walls to the objects in the room, make your house your home, invite your friends over to visit. Eventually you will be able to build your own towns and guild estates and run them how you like


Meet new friends, talk to them in real-time using proximity chat, text or video. Go on adventures together and explore, socialise and play games in the arcade, own pets, grow crops, you can even start your own band with functional music instruments. There will be so many features in the game you will never be bored. You can even hold zoom style meetings on our platform mixing business and pleasure. The universe is the limit!


We respond entirely to our community, if you have an idea and it can be done, and its feasible we can implement it. We aim to create a very close community and build our universe together. You got an idea for a planet? Tell us! You want to see more of a particular NPC? Quests can be created. Your response to our world will define it

Adventure Together

The second part is an immersive RPG with weapons and abilities and an exciting, emotional and complex story harkening back to the old school RPG stories that we remember as children. This story puts you at the centre of a global cataclysm, together with the friends you make you will be able to explore and open world, take on dungeons and challenge your group in our raid content unlocking secret cosmetics and weapons as you race against time to escape your dying world.



Engage in a story that is rich and exciting with memorable characters. With inspiration from the Final Fantasy series and other JRPG's you will laugh and cry as you explore the complexities each planet faces. At the end of the year players will get to vote for an NPC to join the crew to travel across the Pixxelverse universe.


Explore a new world every year, with unique locales, activities and things to find. Once that planet has passed, everything you acquire will be yours and difficult to obtain again providing a unique experience.


Fight creatures, earn titles and get trophies to display in your home. We have a exciting action based combat system where each weapon has its own ability. Customize a bar with your favourite weapons to create unique builds and with so many weapons to find and acquire you will always find a new way to overcome any situation.

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