First off, thankyou for clicking the donate button, which means you were curious or are contemplating donating.

What we are building here, is immense, time consuming and we aim to have a great game where you will want to login and meet your friends, build together, adventure together and much more. With your help we can add more features and get the little things we might want to add.

By donating you will receive EXCLUSIVE titles. Titles are things you can add to your character which you will be able to show to others as proof of your achievements and accomplishments during the course of the project and throughout your adventures. There are MANY to collect and find.

This is just a few of them for those who want to support a community led game like ours.

Thankyou in advance!

  • Title: "Helper" - $1+
  • Title: "Donator" - $10+
  • Title: "Contributor" - $50+
  • Title: "Founder" - $100+
Founder Title

(NOTE: There are further exclusives such as as custom clothing, pets and many other things that can be arranged in the event of bigger donations, please note we cannot refund donations and you should only donate with express permission from parents or ensuring you have a stable income.)