Welcome Investors

Since the start of this project last year when we all met eachother we have worked tirelessly to bring something to standard. Our coders have created the entire framework for the multiplayer server from scratch, artists have built constant assets for use in the game itself, and the team have worked hard. And this has costed us only our time and dedication because in truth, we believe in our entry into the Metaverse. We bootstrapped this game with no funds, debated, cooperated, even argued. But our team just grows stronger through the ties that bind us.

But we can only travel so far on this adventure with good words and dreams. And that is where YOU come in, yes you!

If you are looking to invest in a group of people who came together from all walks of life to build something epic, then we would love to meet you, bring you into our discord and show you around our chaotic workspace and hopefully bring you into the fold.

You can simply email us below and we can arrange whatever you need.

We hope to see you soon!